The Classic Ride (Road)

The ride takes participants from the shelter of Edmundbyers up a testing incline to cross Muggleswick Common, turning right to skirt Horseshoe Hill and Dead Friars. A short rollercoaster dip into Burnhope Burn lines the riders up for a quick climb to summit Bale Hill. From here a fast descent brings the big hills to an end.

Derwent Dale holds Derwent Reservoir. Our riders will flank the water and take the undulating road back towards Edmundbyers via Blanchland.

Time to prepare for another lap or a piece of cake…whichever you fancy.

15 miles, 24 km, 1391ft ascent!



  1. ‘Lap Appendix’ – Riders will complete one lung busting lap, experiencing stunning panoramic views, heather lined roads and beautifully smooth tarmac. The perfect option for those new to cycling, hiring a bike and wanting to test yourself! (15 miles 24km 1391ft ascent)
  2. ‘Lap Hernia’ – Stepping up to tick off two full laps of the course is not to be taken lightly. Something for those looking to push themselves and experience those views just one more time. (30 miles 48km 2782ft ascent)
  3. ‘Lap Chole’ – An epic distance with so many feet of ascent to cover. This route is for the hardy rider with rubber to burn and legs to match. Not to be undertaken lightly, but definitely to be undertaken if you were up for the challenge. (45 miles 72km 4173ft ascent)
  4. ‘Laparotomy’ – FOUR LAPS! The same ascent as riding up Ben Nevis. Riding the Laparotomy will give you plenty of excuses for cake and a good long lie down! (60 miles 96km 5564ft ascent)
  5. ‘Hero status’ – Be our guest to go as far as you can. The only limit is time. Start is at 9am. Sweep of the course is 4.30pm.

Otherwise you are welcome to start anytime between 9am until 1.30pm. We will be sweeping the course after 4:30pm.