NAP 2018 Results

Well…..Considering late on Thursday night we almost cancelled NAP18 – incase we all dissolved in the rain, it turned out to be an absolute corker!

Easily our best NAP yet (when n=2 then the odds are good).

In numbers:


120 riders

1 runner 

18 kids

Numerous e-bikes

£1k raised for GNAAS

160 laps – enough to get you to Istanbul from Edmundbyers

Some minor errors in results during prize giving due to some splendid riding in a last ditch attempt to win a prized NAP18 golden syringe!

Male Lap
1 Michael Lumb 00:47:40
1 Pete Barker 00:47:40
2 Tom  Kelsey 00:50:16
3 Owen Laing 00:54:25
Male Ride
1 Craig Ducat 4 04:08:09
2 Matt  Jones 4 04:09:33
3 Paul Dunlop 4 04:16:38
Female Lap
1 Sarah Peel 01:02:41
2 Gabby Withrington 01:04:10
2 Amy Royston 01:04:10
3 Niahm Stack 01:06:26
Female Ride
1 Angela Doran 3 03:35:26
2 Amy Royston 2 02:13:20
3 Gabby Withrington 2 02:21:15

Full list of results attached

Pictures here: 

King of the Hill

This year we had two notable performances. By no means were these the only amazing things that happened on the day but, they amazed us!

Alan Dixon has ridden both NAP17 and NAP18. Between the events Alan had a serious accident on his bike which would stop most cyclists in their tracks from picking up their helmet again. That wasn’t the case for Alan, so we commend him for that resilience.

Samira Ahmed decided that cycling 15 miles with 1400ft of climbing was too easy, instead she ran the whole way round, even defiantly running past the tea stop! Amazing

The number of kids out on their bikes was even higher this year than in 2017. We think this is one of the brilliant things about the Northern Anaesthetic Pedal. The lap is super hard and with small wheels and a distant memory of stabilisers, we are very impressed by any young riders. A very special mention goes to Alex Box. 3 laps, 45 miles and 5 hours on his bike. AMAZING. AMAZING AMAZING. Well done.

Big thanks to our supporters in On You Cycle and Cycle Centre. Allendale Brewery for quenching our thirst and the Pizza Van for feeding our bellies!

Thats about it for now. Already looking forward to and planning next years NAP19.

Next years dates will be out soon. 

Keep pedalling

Chris and Nick

Northern Anaesthetic Pedal