NAP 17 Review

Northern Anaesthetic Pedal 2017
WOW, what an excellent day!
We would like to say massive thank you to everyone who came out to our first Northern Anaesthetic Pedal.
Edmundbyers Village seemed the perfect location for our event and it certainly did not disappoint. Central to a beautiful part of the region, flanked by stunning views, smooth roads and a significant hill (sorry) the area offered everything we needed. Even the weather, which spent all week flirting with torrential downpours, held off until all our riders were safely home or in the pub!
We are very grateful to Edmundbyers Village Hall for letting us take over and spread out into all the available space, even reducing the rental fee when they learned of our ethos. Cycle Centre, based on Shields Road in Newcastle, a local bike shop, for local people :), offered great support pre-ride and I know will look after anyone’s cycling needs in the future. OnYouCycle, another Newcastle based company, specialising in mobile bike maintenance and more, spent the day rescuing numerous bikes and kept everyones wheels turning! Finally, Allendale Brewery were exceptionally generous, supplying every rider and helper with a bottle of their award winning Pennine Pale Ale. Thank you!
The cake table was quite something to behold! Thanks to all who contributed; it certainly helped maintain those legs and keep the laps coming!
91 riders.
2 runners.
1 dog.
13 children.
3 walkers
2 e-Bikes
159 Total Laps
2385 Total Miles = 2.73 trips from Lands End to John o’Groats
67 Km of vertical climbing = 7.62 Trips up Mount Everest
This route was hard, for everyone, so massive Kudos to all the children, probable biking stars of the future.
Longest Ladies Ride
Izzy Freshwater
Longest Mens Ride
Peter Ricketts
Fastest Ladies Lap
1st Izzy Freshwater
2nd Natalie Dawson
3rd Annie Bowe, Emily Shaw and Louise Browell
Fastest Mens Lap
1st David Lewis-Smith
2nd Peter Ricketts
3rd Tom Kelsey
Queen of the Hill
Jo McClintock
Jo rode the whole lap in tandem style with the whole family, an impressive feat!
King of the Hill
Vaughan Jones
Not only did Vaughan ride a fat bike round the course, he was also spotted with two small children loaded onto and behind his bike. Class
So that just leaves me to say thanks once again. And watch this space, I think NAP18 will be coming your way!
Chris Browell & Nick Francis
Northern Anaesthetic Pedal
Northern School Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Trainee Committee

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